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Our Jewellery Making Courses for Improvers

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Types of improvers courses:

The JQ Set offers various levels of jewellery making courses for improvers – we call them improver classes rather than intermediate as there’s quite a big range in skill level after Beginners and up to Advanced. Once you’re not a beginner (and we say you’re not a beginner anymore after your first Beginners ring-making course with us, because we teach you so much!), it doesn’t follow that you’re automatically an intermediate jeweller. We’ve been on some pretty tricky jewellery courses labelled as Intermediate ourselves, and some of our tutors don’t even dare call themselves Advanced!

The Improver 1 level courses are a perfect follow-on from our Beginners course. These jewellery making courses will add new skills to your tool kit, as well as build on the ones you had already learnt as a beginner. Unlike the Beginners course we offer where there is just one project (the saw-pierced ring band) that gives you a foundation in jewellery skills, there are many Improver 1 courses and projects. You can keep adding to your skill-set as and when you want to by doing our short courses. Each course is designed to introduce you to new skills, and you might find some a bit trickier than others, depending on where your strengths lie.

Some examples of our Improver 1 projects include:

  • Domed Pendant & Earrings Set
  • Wax-carved Pendant
  • Handmade Chain Bracelet
  • Stone-Set Stacking Rings (we advise you take the domed pendant course first)
  • Twisted Bangle with Sliding Rings

Some of the Improver 1 projects will be marked as Improver 1+ as they are trickier, such as:

  • Pierced Name Pendant
  • Stone-Set Oval Cabachon Ring
  • Loop-in-Loop Chain (Skills Spotlight)
  • Twisted Creole Hoop Earrings
  • Riveting (Skills Spotlight)
  • Texturing metal (Skills Spotlight)
  • Finishing and Polishing (Skills Spotlight)

The Improver 2 level courses are just what they sound like – the skills they teach are more difficult than the Improver 1 classes, or they require more experience at jewellery making. We recommend that you don’t move up to Improver 2 until you’ve completed at least six of the Improver 1 courses.

Some examples of our Improver 2 projects include:

  • Filed Solid Silver Ring Band
  • Metal Mosaics
  • Domed Locket with Hinge
  • Hollow Forms

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