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Our jewellery making classes teach small scale metalworking skills so that you can learn to make jewellery pieces from precious or non-precious metals. Traditionally, these are the skills used by a goldsmith (no matter which precious metal is being worked in), whereas the term silversmith is used for a craftsman making large-scale work like bowls, vases, candlesticks etc. You will use smaller versions of the kind of hand and power tools you might have come across in metalwork at school, and we use torches (similar to blowlamps) and chemicals for some processes.

On the Taster, Beginners, Improvers and Advanced jewellery making courses we include all the tools you will need, even consumables, and we provide the silver and materials for your jewellery project. For the Open Projects courses and Studio Sessions you will need to source your own materials (we can provide a suggested list of suppliers). Our workshop is a “clean processes” only workshop so we suggest you use sterling silver, gilding metal, copper or brass

We do not cover more simple jewellery techniques such as wire-wrapping and beading as we specialise in traditional jewellery handskills and craftsmanship.

Taster Courses

Our Taster Courses are a perfect starting point for beginners and a great way to try out making jewellery. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own piece of jewellery to wear or wondered how it’s done, join us for one of our short beginner jewellery projects.

You will learn a number of simple jewellery making skills on these 1 day courses, and you will end up with your own shiny piece of silver jewellery.

Beginners (Level 0)

Our jewellery making for Beginners (Level 0) Course is the foundation for all of our jewellery making courses.

The Beginner jewellery classes are designed to give you an introduction to some essential jewellery making techniques. The set project covers marking, drilling, piercing (sawing), filing, forming (bending/shaping), soldering, buffing and polishing.

It will teach you the skills to start making your own jewellery pieces with our Open Project courses, or you can build on these basic skills by moving on to our Improver courses to practice and improve those key skills whilst learning new ones.

Improvers (Level 1 & 2)

The Improvers jewellery classes build upon the techniques and skills learnt in the Beginners classes, through set projects which either focus on those specific skills to improve them or enable students to practice the skills alongside the introduction of new techniques.

Level 1 classes are designed to introduce new skills that are easier to learn, whereas the techniques in Level 2 courses are more difficult and are for students that have completed at least 6 of our Level 1 set projects.

Advanced (Level 3)

The JQ Set offer Advanced jewellery making courses to teach traditional hand-making jewellery skills at a high level. They are suitable for experienced jewellery students who have completed at least 12 of our Improvers set project courses (or 180 hours of equivalent technical jewellery making classes).

They are the kind of projects that would be covered in a jewellery apprenticeship, and teach the skills and methods to create the traditional styles of jewellery that you see in the shops around the Jewellery Quarter.

The Advanced jewellery projects focus on accuracy and technique, and require a high level of skill to complete. Before booking onto these courses, we ask that you get in touch for a chat about your jewellery experience, so that we can check that you will get the most from this level of course.

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