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Please check back on these T&Cs every time you book a new course as they may be updated

Please note that when you book a course you are agreeing to and are bound by our Terms and Conditions below.

1. Booking a course

1.1  Our courses are suitable for those aged 18 years and over. (We are working on changing this to 16 years and over, as well as introducing some projects suitable for supervised 10+ year olds. Please get in touch to chat about where we’re at with it).

1.2  Please read the course information and book onto an appropriate level of course. If you are missing experience in any of the following metalwork skills;

Saw-Piercing, Filing, Buffing, Drilling (pendant motor), Pickling, Annealing, Soldering, Polishing (pendant motor and polishing motor), Cleaning (ultrasonic).

then you will need to do the Beginners (Level 0) course to get safely introduced to the tools/equipment

Please get in touch if you think you’ve covered those skills but aren’t sure. Most students who are coming back to jewellery making after a long break find the beginners course really valuable.

1.3  All course prices include the materials and consumables to make one version of the course project, unless noted otherwise (ie when making cufflinks in place of earrings, there is an extra charge for the cufflink findings). Making additional items on a course will be subject to an extra materials charge, including if an item is damaged beyond repair during making and needs to be re-made.

1.4  To book your place on a course, payment of the course fees must be made in full. We regret that we cannot offer a deposit or part-payment scheme to reserve a place on a course.

1.5  Fees should be paid either using the website online booking system, by card payment over the telephone, or by PayPal request via email.

1.6  By booking a course, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and these Terms & Conditions, as well as understanding your responsibilities in relation to our current Covid-19 procedures.

2. Cancellations

2.1  Course date changes

a) Please note that all courses have minimum attendance levels and may be cancelled or postponed if too few bookings are received. If your course is cancelled due to low booking levels, you will be given a full refund.

b) If we need to amend or postpone your class dates due to reasons which lie with us (tutor illness, out-of-action workshop etc), we will reschedule the class to suit the majority of the students or add the missed hours onto the remaining classes.

c) If we need to cancel, amend or postpone a course, we will give you as much notice as possible. We regret that we cannot be responsible for the cost of pre-booked travel and accommodation arrangements.

2.2  Refunds/Transfers

a) Please make sure that you can attend all of the dates and times for the course before you book a place. In general, evening courses run for six weeks, and daytime courses run for one or three weeks, from the start date given.

b) Our minimum attendance levels to run a course mean that we are unable to offer refunds on your course booking (or transfers to a different course or date) if you need to cancel your booking or cannot attend the classes for any reason.

2.3  Covid-19 update

a) Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, we will be making an exception to the refunds/transfers condition 2.2b (above) in the case of a period of lockdown, shielding, or individuals requiring self-isolation due to the virus. Please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements. Please bear in mind that we are a small independent business, and would prefer to arrange course transfers, new dates or extra catch-up sessions rather than course refunds, although we will be offering refunds in these new circumstances as outlined below.

b) The main tutor Pippa is on the shielding list, so in the event of a national lockdown, The JQ Set workshop will close. Courses that have already started will be paused, and new dates will be scheduled for when the workshop re-opens. Courses that haven’t yet started will be postponed, and rescheduled for later in the term or year, depending on the knock-on effect of the course schedule.

c) We will do our best to try and get rescheduled dates to suit the majority of students. In the case where a student cannot make the rescheduled dates; for postponed courses we will offer a transfer to a different course of equal cost, or a refund minus a £20 admin fee; for courses that had already started and been paused, the offer of transfers to a different course will be dependent on the course schedule/booking numbers, and we will offer partial refunds, pro-rata for the remaining dates, minus the materials cost (usually around £30) and minus a £20 admin fee.

2.4  None of the above affects your statutory rights.

3. Using the workshop

3.1  Tools and materials

a)  We provide all the tools you need to use on the Beginners, Improvers and Advanced jewellery courses. The course fee for these courses includes all consumables and materials required. (By consumables we mean saw blades, drill bits, emery paper etc. By materials we mean wax, metal, solder, findings etc). If you wish to restart your project there may be a charge for the extra materials.

b)  We provide the usual workshop tools on the Open Project courses and Studio Sessions – please get in touch if you need access to particular or special tools for your project. The fee for these two options includes all consumables but you will need to bring your own materials (we can provide a suggested list of suppliers).

c) In light of the Covid-19 situation, we are now asking students to bring in their own cloth apron from now on. Once used in the workshop, please bear in mind that the apron won’t be suitable for use around food. There will be aprons available for a hire fee of £5 per class in case you forget to bring your own.

d) Our workshop uses “clean processes” only, so we suggest you use silver, gilding metal, copper or brass for your projects. Aluminium, lead, and pewter are not used in the workshop at all, as the dust can cause damage to precious metal items. Any other materials (wood, perspex/acrylic etc) will need approval by The JQ Set before use in the workshop.

3.2  To use the workshop safely, all students will need to complete our Health and Safety Induction – this is included as part of the Beginners Level 0 course. The Taster courses cover training for the tools you will use but do not give the full induction. If you have previous experience and would like to join our courses at Improvers level, please get in touch to chat to us about your specific experience. You may need to come in a bit early for your first session to ensure you have been taught to use the tools and equipment to our safety requirements.

3.3  Our ground floor studio has one step up from the pavement and one step up into the toilet facilities. We regret that our facilities and equipment are not fully wheelchair-accessible.

3.4  We have a super-friendly workshop dog, Tino. He’ll most likely be in another part of the studio during classes. Whilst he is a non-shedding poodle-mix (and supposedly hypo-allergenic), our workshop might not be an appropriate place for someone with pet allergies.

3.5  A number of chemicals are used in the studio (in line with COSHH regulations) so it might not be an appropriate place for someone with severe asthma or extreme sensitivities to dust or chemicals. If in any doubt, please consult your doctor before booking onto a course.

4. Student Responsibilities

4.1  Please dress appropriately for a workshop environment, with closed-toed low-heel shoes, hair ties, and remove/secure any loose clothing/jewellery. We will provide you with any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed for particular tasks (except for an apron – we are not currently providing aprons due to the Covid-19 situation, see section 3.1c). Please bring an apron, a ready-filled water bottle, a pen and a notebook, and reading glasses if required!

4.2  We ask our students to conduct themselves in a kind, respectful and considerate manner towards tutors and other students. If a student is disruptive, we reserve the right to, at our discretion, dismiss the student immediately from the course without reimbursement.

4.3  We appreciate that unexpected things can happen, but missing a day of the 3-day courses (or 2 of the 6-evening courses) would make it unlikely that you would complete the course project. Please bear in mind that the tutor will not be able to help you catch up that amount of time as that would take time away from other students.

4.4  Please do not consume food or drinks at your bench unless the tutor has specifically allowed it. Daytime courses will have an hour break for lunch, during which the workshop will be closed and locked. We regret that we cannot offer a space for students to eat packed lunches during the break. There are a number of cafes and pubs serving food within a short walk of the studio. Please don’t drink alcohol on your lunch break (see below).

4.5  Whilst in the workshop you will need to follow all safety instructions given. If a student repeatedly works unsafely despite reminders, we reserve the right to, at our discretion, dismiss the student immediately from the course without reimbursement.

4.6  Please get in contact to discuss any disability or medical conditions that may affect you in a workshop environment. All our classes require good hand dexterity and eyesight, even at beginners level.

4.7  We have a zero tolerance policy for students under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a student is thought to be under the influence, we reserve the right to, at our discretion, dismiss the student immediately from the course without reimbursement.
Please ensure that you are not affected by any medication you take which can cause drowsiness or dizziness. If in any doubt, please consult your doctor before booking onto a course.

Updated: 11 May 2021 – Inserted clause 1.3, amended wording in clause 2.3b

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